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I have been in the travel industry for 41 years, written and published over 30 books for travel education, and Traveled to over 90 countries. Let me put my expertise to work for you. I am a professional speaker - able to present seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.

The UK to USA Dictionary - British English vs. American English is available through this site as well as sold through many British specialty shops in the U.S.

Visiting the U.K.? This 160-page pocket-size handbook is a handy guide to all the terms and expressions that differ - This pocket-size dictionary is a handy guide to all the terms and expressions that differ - "petrol" for gas, "lift" for elevator, "loo" for bathroom. Great for travelers, trivia buffs, Anglophiles, and expatriates on both sides "of the pond." "Take a shufti" inside to "suss out" the meanings of British words vs. American.

New 3rd revised edition includes a whole section on rhyming slang, plus pronunciation, spelling, conversions, cultural differences, food and drink, pubs, British holidays & more!

U.S. - A single copy is $8.95, and 10 or more copies are $4 each - (plus applicable shipping costs).

To order this book, please e-mail your order here or call 352-726-5026 (best bulk prices) or visit: (AMAZON)


Claudine Dervaes is also an Ocala Star-Banner Columnist - Click here to view her Travel Talk columns.

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